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At Spring Guns & Ammo, we carry a wide variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns from numerous manufacturers.

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All three of our locations offer a climate- controlled indoor shooting range to make sure you get the range time you need, rain or shine.

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Spring Guns & Ammo offers a wide variety of training. Whether it is your first time to shoot or your an expert, we will have a training class that suits your needs

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Selecting Your First Handgun


 Working at Spring Guns and Ammo, we see many people each day that are on the hunt for thier first handgun. What brand to pick, what caliber, what size...ect are always questions that become voiced in the selection and buying process. To help simplify the daunting task of first handgun selection I will be utilizing a well written article by David Nash on CHUCKHAWKs.com that covers the basic pros and cons when considering pistol purchase. As always we hope that you review this article and gleen from it your specific needs for personal protection.   

Preparing to buy your first handgun can be quite daunting. They aren't cheap, new handgun prices range from about $250.00 to $2,500.00. And to complicate the matter even further, there are many different manufactures and choices.

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Choosing the Right Home Defense Weapon

Choosing the right home-defense weapon:

Trying to figure out the right home-defense weapon can be frustrating. You finally decide to take your personal safety into your own hands, but as soon as you go to the gun store, you’re overwhelmed by all of the information being thrown at you. People start spouting off facts about shotguns versus handguns, benefits of bigger calibers versus smaller calibers, and then they bring in the good ol’ fashioned debate: semi-auto pistols versus revolvers. It’s a lot of information that can leave you more confused than when you first came in. The best way to figure out which kind of weapon to purchase can be broken down into a few categories: home defense, self-defense, and concealability. For simplicity purposes, we’ll just focus on home defense right now. Personally, I believe a shotgun is the best home defense weapon but if it’s too big for you, you might want to go with a handgun. Ultimately, it will always come down to what is most comfortable to you.

There are pros and cons to all different types of weapons, but the most common home defense weapon is a shotgun. Shotguns are usually recommended for home defense because you do not have to be as accurate as you would need to be with a pistol or rifle. It is much more of a “point in the general direction of the threat and shoot” kind of gun. Also, if you use the right kind of ammo, you won’t be as worried about the round going through your intended target and hitting someone or something behind the threat. A lot of people recommend 00-Buck shot for home defense, but I’ve found that it has a problem with over-penetration. This is especially bad for people who live in an apartment complex or if you have roommates or children living in other rooms of the house. The 00-Buck shot can go through the wall and hit someone in another room. A common recommendation for this is to use a #4 turkey shot for home defense. It provides good protection and “knock down power,” but it won’t go all the way through the walls. And a great thing about using a shotgun for home defense is that the sound of racking a shotgun shell into the chamber makes for a very effective crime deterrent.

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Arc'teryx LEAF Field Test

Arc'teryx LEAF Field Test

We recently added Arc'teryx LEAF tactical clothing to our Woodlands location, and couldn't be more excited. Arc'teryx builds some of the world’s finest quality outdoor clothing and gear available, and their tactical line (LEAF - Law Enforcement and Armed Services) is used around the globe in the worst environments.

I got a chance to take out some Arc'teryx and test it out a little. I went to a friend's ranch for some shooting and hunting. The first day started at 5:30AM and a little over 20°F with steady rain - perfect day to put Arc'teryx Gore-Tex® to the test. I wore a thermal base layer, Arc'teryx Talos pants and with Beta LT (Gore-Tex® shell) pants over them and a cotton zip-up hoody with Arc'teryx Alpha LT jacket (Gore-Tex® shell). I can't say I was toasty warm. I was, to my surprise, comfortable though and more importantly completely dry. I did not bring proper insulating clothes for sitting still in 20°-30°F for hours on end but the Talos pants and Alpha/Beta shells kept me plenty warm and absolutely dry. As the day wore on there was plenty of walking and some running/sitting/kneeling/squatting and so on. I quickly noticed how the Arc'teryx clothing was cut and fit substantially better than anything I've worn. Even with the layers and the weather I never felt encumbered or bulky, I felt like I was wearing much less.

Arc'teryx only uses Gore-Tex® Pro, the highest level of water-proof fabric made by Gore-Tex®, as part of their mission to only offer the finest products possible. The Alpha LT jacket features fully water-proof zippers in the underarm area (for venting) and two pockets on either side of the chest (pictured). These pockets are placed perfectly for quickly accessing things like gloves or a flashlight. The hood has multiple places to adjust the fit. It is designed to fit over a military helmet but when adjusted down fits perfectly over just your head, or like in my case, over a knit cap and sweatshirt hood. The Alpha LT also features velcro adjustable cuffs, which helped create a micro climate inside the jacket to retain heat (pictured).

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Not Just Guns & Ammo

Not Just Guns & Ammo

It's not always just about Guns & Ammo, related gear can be just as important. So many of you now have made purchases over this last year for your pistols and/or rifles, and that is a great 1st step. Your firearm can be an essential tool but it's hard to keep shooting if you only have the magazine that came with it. If you already have a bunch of spare mags, that's good, but do you have a way to carry them? Do you have a way to carry your pistol or sling your rifle?

There are so many uses for firearms, but if you own any defensive guns they are other accessories you should have. Extra magazines are very important, have them on hand because they may not always be readily available. If you shoot enough you will break and lose them and you may realize you can't have too many. Magazine carriers for outside and inside the waist band are a very good solution for carrying a couple more pistol or rifle magazines. If you want to carry more, try a MOLLE belt or a chest rig. These rigs range widely in what they offer and their customization level. Shooting gloves can give you a better grip or save your hand from burns when that AK or AR-15 heats up. Flashlights are often over-looked, but they can save your life or others' lives. A light can illuminate your target so that you can clearly see what is in front of you, then make a decision on your course of action.

These items are just a few things to think about. At Spring Guns & Ammo we carry a number of tactical accessories and gear at both our locations. Stop by and talk to our guys, we are always happy to help you and guide you through picking through what you may need.

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Get Threaded!

Get Threaded!

If you're planning on suppressing your pistol, finding your threaded barrel should be one of your first steps. If you already have a pistol suppressor and you have an unthreaded pistol you're a little behind, but don't despair! There is a wide variety of factory and after-market threaded barrels out there for just about any pistol. Most after-market barrels are going to match grade barrels as well which can be a big benefit.

Not only can you now use your pistol with your suppressor with your new threaded barrel, but depending on your pistol you may be able to get a caliber conversion barrel too. Certain guns (commonly Glocks, XD/XDM's, M&P's..) that are chambered 40S&W can have a 9mm caliber conversion barrel dropped in. This is of extra interest to those who own a 9mm suppressor and 40S&W pistols. Although you can always get a 45ACP suppressor and run 45ACP, 40S&W, and 9mm through it (like so many of our customers)!

We stock many types of threaded barrels, and can custom order many more. Call, email, or drop by for more information about how we can set your pistol up with a new threaded barrel.

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Tactical Pistol Course at Spring Guns & Ammo

We just held another Tactical Pistol course last night (7/17/13), and it was an awesome class. Thanks to everyone who came out. There was a lot of good information and training tips last night and some fast-paced shooting drills.

Be sure to check out our Events Calendar to find the next class and click it to sign up.

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AR-15 Bolt Disassembly Quick Guide

AR-15 Bolt Disassembly Quick Guide
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b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5641
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5642
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5643
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5650
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5649
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5648
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5651
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5652
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5653
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5653
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5655
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5656
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5658
b2ap3 thumbnail MG 5660

There are lots of new AR-15 owners out there and just as many long-time owners who ask us the same question: how do I disassemble my AR-15 bolt assembly? We wanted to put together this quick guide to disassembling your own bolt to help you guys out.


First, get your bolt out of your rifle and find a clear spot you can lay the bolt and parts out on.

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PWS CQB Compensator 5.56mm

PWS CQB Compensator 5.56mm

Short barreled rifles in 5.56mm are awesome to shoot, but they can have a lot of concussion and flash which isn't always so nice. PWS manufactures the CQB Compensator for reason. Originally designed to be used with their 7" barreled MK107, this compensator reduces recoil and sends the flash and blast forward of the shooter. This has become a popular device and is seen on a number of rifles, not just PWS's 7" rifles. Try one out, it will make it even more enjoyable to let your SBR loose.

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Your First AR-15

Your First AR-15

One question we get frequently here is "What should I buy for my first AR-15?" A rifle we often suggest is the Sig Sauer M400 in 5.56mm. This rifle is more basic in its layout compared to some which is great for a first AR-15. It features a 16" barrel with a twist rate of 1:7 (so it will shoot the heavier 5.56mm bullets very accurately), a collapsable stock, and built in single-point sling quick attachment points. It's available with mil-spec furniture, Magpul MOE furniture, or a quad-rail system. Sig Sauer has one of the best reputations for building a quality gun, and they really delivered a great carbine for just about any use.

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Class III Made Easy

Here at Spring Guns & Ammo, we help make the process of purchasing Class III items (suppressors, short-barreld rifles/shotguns, machine guns) as easy as possible. Owning Class III items is legal. Our knowleable sales staff will answer all of your questions and guide you through the process start to finish. We will help you find what is best suited for your needs, and walk you through our large selection of in-stock Class III items. Everything needed is done in-store. After you've selected what you'd like to own we can prepare an NFA Trust and notarize it here for you (if needed) and filll out all required ATF forms and mail them off. All questions are always welcome. Come in, call, or email us. There is a lot of information to navigate through so come to the experts.

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Springfield XD-S .45ACP

Springfield XD-S .45ACP

The rush from earlier this year is slowing and more products are available again. One firearm our customers and us are happy to see again on the shelf is the Springfield XD-S in .45ACP. Springfield has managed to take a classic big-bore cartridge like the .45ACP and fit it comfortably into an easy to shoot deep-concealment size pistol - it's only 1" thick! Springfield also offers an extended XD-S magazine that brings capacity up to 7+1 rounds. Stop by our store and shoot our rental XD-S and you'll see why they've been such a hit.

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New Surefire X300 Ultra

New Surefire X300 Ultra

Surefire has always had the reputation of building the best weapon-mounted lights, and the new X300 Ultra will only add to their legacy. The X300 Ultra is a new, upgraded form of the X300. Surefire has been able to increase the output in this light to 500 Lumens in a compact unit that weighs only 4oz! It's not just for pistols either, it easily mounts to shotguns and rifles and can be fitted with an optional pressure switch tail cap to make activating the light more instinctive.

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