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Arc'teryx LEAF Field Test

Arc'teryx LEAF Field Test

We recently added Arc'teryx LEAF tactical clothing to our Woodlands location, and couldn't be more excited. Arc'teryx builds some of the world’s finest quality outdoor clothing and gear available, and their tactical line (LEAF - Law Enforcement and Armed Services) is used around the globe in the worst environments.

I got a chance to take out some Arc'teryx and test it out a little. I went to a friend's ranch for some shooting and hunting. The first day started at 5:30AM and a little over 20°F with steady rain - perfect day to put Arc'teryx Gore-Tex® to the test. I wore a thermal base layer, Arc'teryx Talos pants and with Beta LT (Gore-Tex® shell) pants over them and a cotton zip-up hoody with Arc'teryx Alpha LT jacket (Gore-Tex® shell). I can't say I was toasty warm. I was, to my surprise, comfortable though and more importantly completely dry. I did not bring proper insulating clothes for sitting still in 20°-30°F for hours on end but the Talos pants and Alpha/Beta shells kept me plenty warm and absolutely dry. As the day wore on there was plenty of walking and some running/sitting/kneeling/squatting and so on. I quickly noticed how the Arc'teryx clothing was cut and fit substantially better than anything I've worn. Even with the layers and the weather I never felt encumbered or bulky, I felt like I was wearing much less.

Arc'teryx only uses Gore-Tex® Pro, the highest level of water-proof fabric made by Gore-Tex®, as part of their mission to only offer the finest products possible. The Alpha LT jacket features fully water-proof zippers in the underarm area (for venting) and two pockets on either side of the chest (pictured). These pockets are placed perfectly for quickly accessing things like gloves or a flashlight. The hood has multiple places to adjust the fit. It is designed to fit over a military helmet but when adjusted down fits perfectly over just your head, or like in my case, over a knit cap and sweatshirt hood. The Alpha LT also features velcro adjustable cuffs, which helped create a micro climate inside the jacket to retain heat (pictured).

The Beta LT pants are very well designed too. They also feature all fully water-proof zippers, which run from the cuff up to the upper thigh (pictured). This lets the Beta LT pants be easily put on/taken off over boots and your base pant. One feature I found to be very useful in the Beta LT pant was the keepers at the end of the cuffs to keep the pant cuffs down around your boots and would not let them come up over the boots.

Arc'teryx Talos pants are my new favorite pant for anything outdoors. There are too many features to list here, but my favorites would be the articulated patterning for mobility, reinforced knees and integrated gaiter with shockcord and pulls. As can be seen pictured, the entire knee area is covered in a very though webbed material. I feel confident with the reinforced knees it would take more abuse than I could dish out to put holes through these pants, as I have done to so many other pants. The gusseted crotch and the patterning allow for unrestricted movement and are the most comfortable pants I've had, and I've had many different well-known brands for 'tactical' type pants. The integrated gaiter with shockcord let me seal off the ends of the pants to the elements which retained a noticeable amount of heat, but if not in use are totally out of the way and concealed.

All in all these couple of pieces kept me warm, dry and feeling comfortable through two days of cold (high on one day was about 32°F) and one day of rain (rained on for 14 hours!). That trip was the most fun with friends I've had in a long time, and would not have been if I had not picked up my Arc'teryx.

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