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Cant make a visit to one of our locations? No problem! Shop our arsenal online anytime.

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At Spring Guns & Ammo, we carry a wide variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns from numerous manufacturers.

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All three of our locations offer a climate- controlled indoor shooting range to make sure you get the range time you need, rain or shine.

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Spring Guns & Ammo offers a wide variety of training. Whether it is your first time to shoot or your an expert, we will have a training class that suits your needs

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Get Threaded!

Get Threaded!

If you're planning on suppressing your pistol, finding your threaded barrel should be one of your first steps. If you already have a pistol suppressor and you have an unthreaded pistol you're a little behind, but don't despair! There is a wide variety of factory and after-market threaded barrels out there for just about any pistol. Most after-market barrels are going to match grade barrels as well which can be a big benefit.

Not only can you now use your pistol with your suppressor with your new threaded barrel, but depending on your pistol you may be able to get a caliber conversion barrel too. Certain guns (commonly Glocks, XD/XDM's, M&P's..) that are chambered 40S&W can have a 9mm caliber conversion barrel dropped in. This is of extra interest to those who own a 9mm suppressor and 40S&W pistols. Although you can always get a 45ACP suppressor and run 45ACP, 40S&W, and 9mm through it (like so many of our customers)!

We stock many types of threaded barrels, and can custom order many more. Call, email, or drop by for more information about how we can set your pistol up with a new threaded barrel.

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