No Arm Brace Pistol Transfers

Pistol Arm Brace Policy - Alert

Due to potential legal ramifications regarding the injunction on the pistol arm brace ban, SGA will not receive or transfer any pistols with an "arm brace" installed OR shipped with the firearm unless or until there is a final ruling stating that pistol arm braces are 100% legal to own.

If you are purchasing an arm braced pistol from another dealer to transfer during the injunction timeframe, please have it sent to a dealer other than SGA who allows transfers of said firearms or have the sender remove the brace and ship the firearm to us without an arm brace.

Pistols shipped to us with arm braces installed or in the shipping packaging will be promptly returned to the sender at their expense. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to us prior to having anything shipped to us.

Thank you
-SGA Management

Firearm Transfers at SGA

SGA accepts outside firearm transfers as a service to our customers for a small fee. The fee includes receiving the firearm, processing the ATF required Form 4473 and required background check. If you provide a current and valid Texas LTC (License to Carry), we offer a discount for our transfer services on standard (Non-NFA) firearms. We accept non-NFA firearms such as handguns, rifles, shotguns and receivers as well as NFA items such as Silencers, SBR, SBS, AOW and Machine Guns. Please note that NFA transfers cost more due to the added paperwork and processing time involved. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have regarding firearm transfers.

FFL Transfer Form

Please fill out the FFL Transfer form and a Spring Guns & Ammo representative will get in touch with shortly.

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