We are a new club, providing IPSIC-style & IDPA-style competitions at our Spring & The Woodlands ranges every month.

Spring: 1st & 2nd Thursday evenings at 6:00pm
The Woodlands: Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm

About the League

Our club offers a chance to have a safe, fun competition in a low-stress environment. It does not matter if you are an experienced competitor who wants to maintain his skills or a new shooter who would like to know how to handle your weapon more efficiently; we provide a change to engage challenging scenarios which include multiple targets, movement, drawing your weapon, and rapid fire. It is more challenging than simply shooting at a static target and more fun than a 'barrel of monkeys'.

What do you need to participate?

First and foremost, the ability and willingness to shoot safely.

  • A handgun of .38 caliber or greater and at least 2 magazines/speedloaders
    • or a pistol caliber carbine
  • A hip mounted holster (for handguns)
  • A couple of boxes of ammo will be plenty
  • And a friendly attitude
Other information

Cost are the range fee of $10 if you are not a member of SGA and $5 to cover the cost of targets and other incidentals.

Registration is open for the league, participants can simply arrive the day of the event.

For questions about The Woodlands events please contact Tom Pinney at [email protected].

For questions about Spring events please contact Glenn Mckinney at [email protected] or Tom Pinney at [email protected].

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.